Where the technology doesn't get in the way of the creative process.

Glasshouse Studios is a premium Recording, Mixing and Mastering facility based in the stunning Glasshouse Mountains of South East Queensland, Australia.

Clients from all over Australia and Overseas choose to use our services due to our professionalism, work ethic and quality of end product.

We use the industry standard Avid HDX and Pro Tools Ultimate as our recording platform on a fully ‘bombed’ Computer running Mac OS X with best in class Antelope Audio converters. 

Rest assured we have the team and the tools to give your music just what it needs to take it to the next level whether you’re a solo artist needing session musicians or a self contained band.

Extras like Video clips, Web site, CD Replication, Digital Distribution, Artwork and anything else you need can also be supplied.

We provide a premium service to our many and varied clientele and can taylor packages to suit any budget.

It goes without saying that we also have the facilities here to make your visit comfortable - clean restroom, fridge with coffee and tea facilities, smoking area (no smoking in the studio allowed) plus we are walking distance from public transport, shops and restaurants.

We take working with your music very seriously and do what it takes to exceed your expectations.

Some Past Clients

Ainsley Apirana
Alison Jeeves
Alvin Rostant
Amanda Sempf
Amber Bollard (USA)
Andrew Lofthouse
Andrew Neideck
Andy Barnard
Angus Woodhead
Anita David
Ant Syms
Arthur Nettlefield
Asha Jeffreis
Babar Luck (UK)
Backdoor Stomp
Ben Denman
Benny Larter
Bob Grant
Bob Ricketts
Brea Robertson
Brendan Walmsley
Brethren (NSW)
Carl Butler
Carl Lynch
Carly Buchanan
Cat Jr Collins
Chris Adnam
Chris Doyle
Church On The Rise
Corrina Cook
Crystal Roberts (NSW)
Daami C
Damien Graley
Damon Peel
David Deighton
David Mitchell (NSW)
David Phister (USA)
De Greer Yindimincarlie (SA)
Dear Willow
Deep Place Worship
Dementia 13
Doc Span
Doolie Shadforth
Dynamic Oppositions
Elliott Heinrich
Eric Ossebaar
Eric Woodhead
Eve Goodman (USA)
Fifth Fam
Flesh Torrent
Floyd & Sparks
From The Hearts Of Heroes
Gary Leahy
Gat Fen
Glasshouse Christian College
Glasshouse Christian Outreach Centre
Glenn Major
Global Connextions
Gold Coast Multicultural Arts Group
Greg Atherton
Greg Bryant
Haak Austin
Hardrush Records
Home Records
Ian Ross Williams
Jacqueline Boyer (RIP)
Jae Ehlae (Eight Republic - USA)
Jake Johnson & Ben Simpson
Jake Jones
Jane Smith
Janet Ingram (USA)
Jeremy Donovan
Jeremy Williams
Jess Powell
Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show
Jimmy Lipp
John Caldwell (USA)
John NYMo Nyman
John Veloso
Johnny Araneda
Jonathan Mark Hayden
Jonty Brown
Joshua Fisk
Julie Strickland
Justice League
Justin Boundy
Kelly Cork
Kelvin Fahey
Kevin Wrayford
Khazin (Solomon Islands)
Kim Wright
Kyle Hose
Kylie Vincent
Leigh Wallis
Les Lawson
Let’s Go Naked
Lindsay & Maxlyn Flint
Lionel Aitkin
Loretta Waldron
Luke Shepherdson
Mack Ridge
Mantis Empire
Margaret Dent
Mark Peric
Mark Surplice
Matt Denny
MC Wheels
Mick Hogan
Mike Smith (RIP)
Minus Pinto
Mishelle Bradford Jones
Mistery (NSW)
Molly & Reuben Apirana
Murray Power
Namarca Corowa
Neo Creepers
New Worst Enemy
Nik Angold Whatling
Noosa Christian Outreach Church
Pam Clarke
Paul Van
Peter Butler
Peter Fox
Peter Koppes
Phil Butterworth
Phil Emmanuel (RIP)
Phil Kirton (NZ)
Potters Hands Worship Songs
Pretty Jesus
Ray Cullen
Rebecca Kotcher (USA)
REP Management
Rhian Davies
Rod Parry
Ross Nixon
Rowley O’Brien
Sarena, Cassandra & Hayley
Sean George (WA)
Sharon Brooks
Ska Monkeys (VIC)
Solomon Maesala (Solomon Islands)
Solomon Maneoru (Solomon Islands)
Soulful Arrest
Stand Alone
Stephen Grady
Steve Smith (WA)
Steven Dix
Steven Malcolmson (UK)
Taabinga State School
Tania Netherway
Taylor Gibson
Ted Gerber (Canada)
The Foggs
The Funaddicts
The One Two
The Rain
The Redneck Girls
The Sempf Family
The Sienna
The Vagrant City Scandal
The Walmsley Brothers
The Webb Brothers
Tom McKenzie
Tony Moore
Tony TDub Woodrow
Tooth Fish
Tor (Canada)
Tracy Drach (USA)
Trysette Loosemore
Vern Villain
Winnie Coopers
Plus More