Largest Digital coupled with Vintage Analog


1978 52 Input Yamaha PM 2000 with Various Mods
4 band EQ, 6 Aux Sends, 8 Main Outs
SSL X-Desk
8 Inputs from PM2000 for final summing
(see Brauerizing video for more info)


Crane Song Avocet IIA (Quantum D/A)
Quested HQ210 with Elektra Studio HD Amps (Mains)
Amphion One18’s with Elektra Studio HD Amp (Near Field)
Auratone (Mono Check)
Sharp HiFi (Full Range Boom Box Check)
7 Sends of Extreme Isolation Headphones all with Individual Mix
ProHarmonic Headband


Lexicon 480L (vintage)
Yamaha SPX90 (vintage)
Lexicon PCM60 (vintage)
Roland Space Echo RE201 (vintage)
TC Electronics D2
Ensoniq DP Pro
Roland SRV 2000 (vintage)


Ross Giles modded ARX Quad Comps x 24 Channels
Ross Giles modded ARX Gates x 18
Valley People Gatex x 8
Buzz Audio DBC-M x 4
Buzz Audio SOC-M
Giles Audio STA (boutique valve hand made) comp
Giles Audio VLA (boutique valve hand made) comp

Mic Pre Amps & DI's

Ross Giles modded Triton Audio x 2
Ekadek Neever (vintage Neve 535) x 2
Giles Audio VMP2C x 2 (boutique valve hand made)
32 x Yamaha PM2000 (vintage)
Giles Audio VDI x 2 (boutique valve hand made) DI’s


32 Ch of Yamaha PM2000
Giles Audio NTI EQ Clone (Stereo)
Heritage Audio 1073 (Neve clone) x 1
Ross Giles modded AML 1073 (Neve clone) x 1
AML 1073 (Neve clone) x 1

Computer & Digital

2012 Mac Pro, 32 GB Ram, NVMe HDD’s etc (Mac OSX High Sierra & Windows 7)
Avid HDX System with Pro Tools Ultimate
Antelope Audio Orion 32 HD Converters (32 I/O)
Selection of the best modern Plugins inc latest Autotune


Dr Alien Smith Sub Kick
Neumann KM85 (vintage)
AKG C12A Tube (vintage)
AKG 451E x 2 (vintage)
Shure (vintage & modern)
BeesNeez Lulu Fet modded by Ross Giles
Giles Audio U47 Tube (Threisch M7, Telefunken EF12)
Open Plan Recording UMod Grille Ribbon x 2
Open Plan Recording UMod Rocket Ribbon x 2
Sennheiser 421 x 4 (vintage)
Audix D6 (modern)
Plus others

Instruments & Amplifiers

Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano
Hammond L-101 Tone Wheel Organ (vintage)
LaBoga Alligator 2 x 12 Tube Gtr Amp (ex Phil Emmanuel RIP)
Fender Bassman Ten 4 x 10 Tube Amp (vintage)
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL100
4 x 12" Marshall Slant Quad Box
Various Pedals & Stomp Boxes
1974 SYairi Martin copy
Martin J40 Acoustic Guitar (90’s)
Godin Nylon String Guitar
Martinez Acoustic Guitar High Strung (Nashville Tuning)
Tobias 6 String Bass Guitar (Nordstrand pickups, Aguilar preamp)

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